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Poketransporter is not working, I did everything there support told me to do, and for some reason pokémon bank works fine, what do I do?

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from what I could find it says it is a connection issue. they might be doing server maitenence, it might be too busy, or you might just be having an issue with your wifi connection. I had it once where I had to move from my bedroom, which is on the other side of my apartment, to my computer desk, which is next to my router, and it worked fine then.

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tested mine and pokebank and poketransporter connect fine for me
I tired it literally right next to the router, didn't work, it also always disconnects at around the same time, connecting to the server works fine, but transferring is the problem
hmm, maybe there is high traffic on your internet.  check how many other devices are running on it at the times you try and please tell me it has a password.
maybe 3 or 4 devices, and yes my internet is password protected