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chesnaught attack
Mega charizard x speed
lucario defense
garchomp defense
salamence attack
blastoise defense

or is it better to train sp attack and sp defense and where?

help me!


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>Pokemon Village
+Foongus (1 each)
+Noctowl (2 each)
-Lombre (2 sp. def)
-Poliwag (1 speed)

>Route 5
+Gulpin (1 each)
-Minun/ Plusle (1 speed)
-Scraggy (1 atk)


>Route 14
+Ekans (1 each)
+Bellsprout (1 each)
-Skorupi (1 def)

>Route 19
+Arbok (2 each)
+Weepinbell (2 each)
-Gliscor (1 def)
-Skorupi (1 def)


>Route 18
+Durant (2 each)
+Geodude (1 each)
-Heatmor (2 sp. atk)

>Route 14
+Skorupi (1 each)
-Ekans (1 atk)
-Bellsprout (1 atk)

>It's sad that most things that give defence EVs have Sturdy.

>Sp. Atk

>Route 7
+Psyduck (1 each)
+Roselia (2 each)
-Hoppip (1 sp. def)

>Frost Cavern 1st floor
+Smoochum (1 each)
+Vanillite (1 each)
-Cubchoo (1 atk)

>Route 18
+Heatmor (2 each)
-Geodude (1 def)
-Durant (2 def)

>Sp. Def

>Pokemon Village
+Lombre (2 each)
-Foongus (1 HP)
-Noctowl (2 HP)
-Poliwag (1 speed)

>Route 21
+Swablu (1 each)
-Spinda (1 sp. atk)
-Scyther (1 atk)

>Sp. Def is really lacking in any particularly good spots.


>Route 11
+Starly (1 each)
+Stunky (1 each)
-Nidoran (M) (1 atk)
-Nidoran (F) (1 HP)

>Route 5
+Plusle/ Minun (1 each)
-Gulpin (1 HP)
-Scraggy (1 atk)

Route 8
+Taillow (1 each)
+Wingull (1 each)
-Zangoose (2 atk)
-Seviper (1 atk, 1 sp. atk)

All credit to fondant, directly ripped from here.
The extra info if you ever decide to look back.

Hope this helps!

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As this is X/Y, you are much better off using Super Training. It's a much more efficient method, and it's easier to keep track of as it goes by 12s, 8s, and 4s.
Super training is very slow though. Easier to keep track of but its faster to use hordes if you have the right items
True, but once you get about half of your EVs in super training, you do more damage and you can spam through 12s like nothing. I suppose it depends on preference, I just find that Super Training is faster for me.