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I know how to get there, but I don't know when. I just got the Relic Badge. My character is currently on Route 209.


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There's no shortcut I'm afraid. I've personally tried to find an early way in, but you must first progress through the storyline until your friend suggests you go to Iron Island to train. That will be the clue that signals the island is available via boat.

OK, after how many badges will my friend make that suggestion?
It will be right after you fight Byron, the steel-type gym leader in Canalave City. The ferry also departs from there. I think it's your 6th badge.
No, you can go there as soon as you defeat your rival on the bridge in Canalave City.
Yes, it is after you defeat the rival that he suggests training on Iron Island like I said.  The boat is literally 50 or less steps from there so I'm sure you can find it.
Huh, I guess I always fought Byron before Iron Island. sorry for the misinformation.