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I've asked a question similar to this but for sword, however I want to do a steel hardcore nuzlocke in Platinum

Pretty sure it's Bronzor, near Cycling Road. Could be wrong, haven't played Platinum...
I think it's Bronzor on Route 211, unless you decide to grind your Piplup up to Level 36 before then.
Yeah, I think you're right. I didn't know Bronzor could be found there, Platinum exclusive only :/
Technically it's Empoleon. Don't know if that would work for a hardcore nuzlocke tho
You can also get a Probopass by catching a Nosepass in Mt. Coronet, which is immediately after Route 211.

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The earliest you can get a Steel-type is Bronzor which you can get as soon as you get in Eterna City on route 211.
Other than that there is nosepass which evolves into Probopass which is a Steel-type and Empoleon which you can't get before the 5th gym.

Source - Experience and this.

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"Other than that there is probopass which evolves into nosepass" Uhh did you mean there is Probopass which evolves from Nosepass?
The other way around i'll correct it.