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I got a shiny kyogre ages ago when I started playing ORAS traded for a wurmple on wondertrade, and its level 49,
Nature is jolly, Ability is drizzle And its stats are:
Sp.D: 158
Spd: 123

I do have a few more Pokemon I'd like help with but I just wanna know if this is good.
Btw I dont know anything about stats, natures, ivs or whatever. So if you could brief me on that, that would be amazing. ~Araikai

So your the guy who always trades wurmples on wonder trade. C'mon man, that's not even funny.
Haha yeah this is epitome of the wurmple for legendary wonder trade
I only traded wurmple because i was only at the second gym. Ahah i normally trade starters but i didnt have any extras.

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Your Kyogre is not conditioned for its competitive tier. It would need a beneficial nature and at least superior IVs to defeat the average Kyogre in uber.

On the other hand, ingame your Kyogre is unstoppable. It can kill anything if its level is high enough. Also, it's shiny so it kills with style.

The trade you made was incredibly successful for you. Random shiny legendaries are by no means a common sight.

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Oh thank you! Im Not for competing yet so im glad its good in game. Thank you soo much for answering and so quickly!