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I'm kind of baffled as to why this is, but for some reason when I attempted to give a traded Kyogre (only one I have) a Blue Orb, it refuses and says that "The Blue Orb can't be held!".

Is there something that I'm missing here, or can it just not be done?

Did you try to trade it X/Y?
Not sure what you meant by that, but it was traded from another ORAS game.
From whom ? GTS ? WonderTrade ? (Trusted) Buddy ?
Since you can trade between ORAS and XY, Im wondering if you were trading(or attempting to) with an XY game.
I traded it from a friend, and no, I'm on AS: https://i.imgur.com/Z8XHMQ3.jpg
If you couldnt, then wouldnt that make the orb of the other game that you get useless?
I am very sure that the caught Kyogre/Groudon has to be from ORAS only. That means that the traded one you got is probably from a different region.

You can distinguish between caught ones and transferred ones as the caught ones have a blue pentagon (I think).

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Its probly because its a item you can only get once.