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In relic castle a backpacker offers you a choice of two fossils, before the entrance to an underground area. She is offering either a cover fossil or a plume fossil. And how do I get them "revived"?

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I would suggest getting the cover fossil. You can reviver it at the lady at the right counter of the Nacrene City Museum. It will be revived into Tirtouga. It will know....

Wide Guard
Aqua Jet

....and be level 25. If you really wanted the other one it will be Archen and will also be level 25. He will know...

Quick Guard

Hope this helps :)

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I'm going for the plume fossil
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The Plume Fossil is resurrected into Archen (later evolves into Archeops). The Cover Fossil is resurrected into Tirtouga (later evolves into Carracosta).

They are revived in the Nacrene City Museum, and come at level 25.

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