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I got a japanese mawile
Egg moves (lvl1)
Fairy wind
Sucker punch
Fire fang
Any good? Might trade him off since I want my own mawile.


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Keep it and breed it for your own, since it's easier than starting from scratch. You should also check its IVs to see how good it is. Note: You could also use Impish, just to boost its defense and since you already have that Huge Power boost, Attack boost isn't very much needed.

I was going to breed him to get the stuff but i dont know about ivs that well yet. Do i check with that dude in the battle resort? At level ten though?
The level doesn't matter when checking IVs. Just talk to the ace trainer by the map in the Battle Resort Pokemon Center. If he says good things about any stats, followed by "they simply can't be beat!", then those stats have perfect IVs.
You can use the Destiny Knot to pass on IVs when breeding.
Ahhh. How do you know if they are perfect? Is it his last comment? And where do i get a destiny knot? :3 thanks guys
You know they are perfect when he says 'stats like those...they simply can't be beat!"
Also: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/224164/where-to-get-a-destiny-knot-in-oras
I just tested a few out a found out my gastly is the best out of most my pokemon. A fresh born at superior potential and best stat is speed ans it cant be beat. Aha. Yay! I really want my gengar! And thank you for the link! I just hope i havent accidentally sold it! Aha.