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In Breloom's pokedex entries, it says that it's arm stretches out to throw punches. However, I've never seen it. Plus, how can it throw punches with arms like these?

enter image description here

The best I can tell is that you can just barley see a little green part behind it's hands that looks seperate from the rewst of it's body, those must be it's arms
One of its animations on XY/ORAS is it throwing a punch, it's arm stretching out.
it has Minish power.
This is an incredibly dumb question.
simple answer: game freek logic
actually, gfl doesn't answer this question, because you can't say that breloom's extended arm looks like gfl
That is why I answerd in the comments section ;P

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You can sort of see his arm in this shot of Breloom fighting May's Combusken.


And it's fully outstretched on this Pokémon card.


I couldn't find a gif of it, but if you have caught a Breloom in ORAS, go to its PokéDex page. Select the icon with the roaring Pokémon and keep pressing A. Eventually it will show Breloom's punching animation, which shows its arms stretching outwards.

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