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If I change the time to Wednesday, will I be able to catch Cobalion or will the game not allow me to?

I have been able to successfully change time for timed events in Gen 4 and Gen 6... I don't think I ever did it in 5 but I'd guess it's possible.
So I could change the time and catch my Cobalion in ORAS?
No...? I caught mine in Pokemon Black Version and haven't needed another one since then, but I'm pretty sure it's only available in Gen 5.  Could be wrong though.

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Changing the 3DS' clock time to Wednesday will not let you catch Cobalion. On the contrary, it will instead halt all time-based events for 24 hours. It's probably best just to wait, its only two days from now.


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@Grime Time is that just for timed events that are a day or more in the future?  I successfully changed the 3DS clock time to get my time exclusive Mega Stones in Gen 6.
Thanks! This saves me a lot of time.