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For reasons <.<

There's trick room Whimsicott, but that's all I can think of. Besides, what does prankster riolu use?
It's known to use Prankster and Roar to force opponents to swap into spikes, it used to be able to use Copycat Roar to give Roar +1 priority instead of -1.

Very Trolly, very easy to counter.

unless you're countering the counters and keeping Riolu somewhat in effect 030!
gen 6 mechanics render that troll strategy useless :(
The original purpose of this question has failed. Can't build a skyscrapper without the first floor :L
as far as im aware its just riolu. but im just imaging prankster-roar riolu with rocks and spikes on the field. ohhhh... all that troll!

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There's Klefki with Magic Room, Whimsicott with Trick Room, Murkrow with Whirlwind, and Meowstic with the 'Room' moves.

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