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Just a quick question, this Rayquaza is also available in Europe, right?
If so when and how can I get it?
in the post it only mentioned the UK, so I'm wondering if we Europeans would just miss out.

Let me know!


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Germans Rejoice!

>In the UK go to Smyths or Germany go to Müller stores during the designated time, you'd be given a special code to get this Shiny Rayquaza, which differs from the Japanese one

--Straight from Serebii's Event Database

Here's where you can find all the Smyth Stores:

The official Store site has a neat map with a list of all the places

This is in the Great Britain only.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find other places this was distributed.

You could ask random persons for a code though; people have a surprising tendency to be Uber (not a pun, I swear) generous over the 'Net.

Good Luck!

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So I, being Italian, will just miss out.
Darn it...
Thanks for the answer Rex!