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So I got a shiny trevenant :D but thing is it has natural cure as an ability :( even when I use an ability capsule and it changes it to frisk should I just get another shiny or is there any advantages with it not having harvest BTW I WANT HARVEST

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harvest is a hidden ability so what I prefer you do is if you have x and y get a friend safari with phantump and keep looking for one until you find one with harvest ( use a Pokemon with trace ) then get a ditto from a diffrent region and put them in the daycare and do the masuda method keep hatching them eggs till you get one shiny with HARVEST. I got a Shiny Chikorita on my 29th egg :)

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You are lucky ;-;
What getting shiny on 29th egg? I guess that is lucky but some people are getting it on 7th egg. I'm trying to hatch shiny marill right now. on my 120th egg
My sister hatched a shiny Houndour after only 4 eggs once