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It's extra work for the artists. If they recycled sprites to use in the remakes, they might develop faster.

I think the only time they use different sprites for the same trainer class is when they're different genders or important characters, such as gym leaders
Have you noticed that the female swimmer sprite changed from xy to oras?
Well you're going from Kalos to Hoenn so obviously there should be some kind of difference. People in China wear different swim suits from people in the US.

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Only Gamefreak would know...

Within the same generation, you'll likely have two different regions. Those regions have differences in between them to have a clear distinction between the games. Or else it would be somewhat boring, playing through the entirety of ORAS seeing the same X&Y sprites you've encountered over, and over again.

With regards to the remakes games, such as ORAS, HG/SS, and FR/LG, the remakes attempt to somewhat mimic the style of the game they are remaking (RSE, GSC, RBY). However, they need to keep the sprites modern to go along with the games within the same generation. Therefore, it is logical for them to use different sprites.

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Nah, who cares about boring? Isn't gaming all about getting bored?