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Ok,Ok I am now questioning my name xD Which one? Dustox or Grimer?


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There are much better poison types to use in ORAS.
I would prefer Zubat or Tentacool to start with.
You can get Zubat very early in the game after you beat the first gym
You can get Tentacool either from a trade or after you beat the fifth gym

I will be including the sets for the final evolutions

Crobats set should be Poison Fang/Cross Poison, Acrobatics, Fly and any other move you want
Tentacruels set should be Surf, Sludge Wave, Blizzard and again, any other move you want

Hope I helped!

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You didn't answer the question?
.....No offense but you really didn't.Plus I mean like a compet. team. Thanks though.
It's not his fault.  If you want suggestions for Grimer (I assume Muk) / Dustox on a competitive level, then you really shouldn't tag your question with "in-game-team".