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Looking at the ranking for the Mega Charizard Y Mega stone event, I see that the top scorers have used Ditto and Palkia. For one thing, they haven't even been released yet. So how do they have them? (There are top scorers from US and Mexico.)


Tbh I have no idea. And I'm really disgruntled by the fact that they have competitions for these Mega Stones. Maybe if I got a Sharpedonite from a free event, then I could make it past the Mega Gengar level!
mega gengar i think i used either disruption delay or mega start and just used optimize to pick pokemon except i made sure to put haunter in
i just hope that the will check it before the event ends. Mega Charizard Y is my most favourite Mega Evo. and i even went to the extent of using gems to buy coins just to get a high ranking, this is ******** that they all cheated for it, please think for those who never get to win anything man! (i even saw Primal Kyogre being used! this is legit cheating!!)
Yes, Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon, Ditto, Palkia, etc. PURE HACKERS

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Pokemon Shuffle is largely based on Battle Trozei. In Trozei Ditto is available and works as a wildcard, so it matches with any other Pokemon. If you have two Dragonite and a Ditto in a row, that counts as a match of 3 Dragonite.

Basically they copied the programming for Ditto from Trozei, though it hasn't been released in Shuffle. This means that for the competitions using Ditto gets you pretty much endless combos. Palkia's data is also there in the game (because it's in the Pokedex next to Dialga) so people hacked that in because it's a powerful water type against Charizard.

In short: they hacked to get themselves a higher score. All those people were excluded from the competition.

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Thank you! It's nice to know that those hackers who hacked a free game were excluded.
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they've hacked their games. hopefully they'll end up getting banned for it

source: personal experience with the game.

Please add a source or something, even just a list of Shuffle Pokémon that confirms that Ditto and Palkia aren't in it. And add more words, because I'm very tempted to turn this into a comment.