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So I'm preparing for the Spooky Cup later this month and have been searching for a good Sandile with 3-star potential. It's been really hard since all that have been 3-star so far move so quickly across the sand, but I also noticed that all of the 3-star ones had the hidden ability, an egg move, and a higher level. The latter two are fine with me, but the HA concerns me since I need a Sandile with Intimidate. Is it possible for a 3-star to not have its HA?


P.S. Could I also get some tips for chasing those fast-moving ones? They either run away or my finger slips on the circle pad... How do I get my sneak to be the fastest without slipping up? Thanks again.


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Yes it is possible to find a 3-star Sandile without its hidden ability. Finding any Pokémon with its hidden ability and/or 3 stars all comes down to luck, just be patient.

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Thank you very much!  I can now confirm this answer since I had encountered a 3-star Tangela without its HA since then.  Sad, since I actually need an HA Tangela...