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this is my krookodile
krookodile star relaxed rocky helmet moxie lv67 hey no its lv68
bulk up at the start
e quake primary move
outrage to finish things off
stone edge extra and cover

why does my krookodile die so easily?
also on youtube this guy caught a shiny sandile and my friend caught one too in the same spot is there a special sandile there?
thank you ':)

what do you mean by ''die so easly''? And no there isnt a special sandile spot, just luck.
hey minus whats wrong?
Dont look at me. I voted up.

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Krookodile does not have so good defenses and if you attack second (i'm thinking about the relaxed nature wich lowers speed) your opponent gets more hits on krookodile, that could be the problem.
And there's no special place for shiny sandile.
And btw they faint, not die.

and sorry faint