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I have been using a tool to calculate the EVs, but Sp.Atk doesnt fit. I didn't use hacks, just the Macho brace and some EV trainig, is it normal?

Gardevoir, lvl.100, Adamant nature. (Emerald version)
HP: 281
Sp.Atk: 326 (should be 314 even with the 255 EVs)
Sp.Def: 277
Speed: 199

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I don't see anything wrong in your Gardevoir.

enter image description here

As you can clearly see, the maximum for a level 100 Gardevoir is 383, not 314. Keeping in mind that the Adamant nature decreases Special Attack, it is clearly seen that your observations are not out of proportions.

Thus, I don't think there's any problem in your Gardevoir.

I'm sorry, but you are incorrect. That maximum number is how high the stat can get with a beneficial nature. According to Serebii, the highest it's special attack can be with a hindering nature is 314, like Dan said before. So there is definitely something wrong with this Gardevoir.
Thanks for stoping by and answer me. Now i know I trained a Gardevoir in the wrong nature and that my game has a glitch. I think it will be better to start my game all over again.