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I want to breed a competitive Ralts (for funsies) and most of the move sets say to use Thunderbolt, but I already taught that TM... to an Electrode. Is there any other way to get a Gardevoir that knows Thunderbolt?

By the way, I can’t reuse TMs, I’m playing Emerald. And also don’t have access to trading. Sorry!

You can get another thunderbolt TM from the Mauville game corner.
Oh... oof

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Yes, there is, but it involves some chain breeding. First, you’ll need a male Pikachu that knows Thunderbolt (which it learns at level 26), then you’ll need to breed it with a female Castform until you get a male Castform with Thunderbolt. You’ll then breed the male Castform with a female Ralts. The offspring should know Thunderbolt. Hope this helps!

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Ok, thank you!