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Firstly let me get this straight:
I just wanted a second opinion because I like both and maybe their individual stats could help them with certain moves or something. Anyway:

I'm making a unova based team and wanted to get a second opinion on wether to use reuniclus or beheeyem, as both have good move sets on smogon ( move sets I approve of and would make sense for said Pokemon to use said move ) and I have both Pokemon. So that's my question, blah blah blah, the rest of my team is golurk, klingklang, hydreigon, volcarona and braviary, other suggestions and movesets would be appreciated, etc, thanks.


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I would say reuniclus since the stats are much higher and thee fact that you can use calm mind. I think a calm mind set would work because it will be a reliable setup Pokemon for your team. Klingklang is not the most powerful setup sweeper using shift gear and I recommend switching Klingklang for Ferrothorn because an offensive team like yours needs stealth rocks for a bit of extra damage so that sweeping is easier. It can also be a switch in for many offensive threats like Garchomp. Hydreigon cannot counter Garchomp as it is weak to dragon but Ferrothorn counters it easily, if its not running fire blast. Just remember to use protect if you think they might have it! I recommend the stealth rock, gyro ball, leech seed, and protect set with max HP and DEF as its ability helps more physically and stats are better on DEF. Run leftovers for maximum healing potential(leech seed+leftovers+protect). This is just my opinion on your team, you don't have to listen to it. Also, I'm in a rush so don't think your team is perfect yet! ☺

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