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Reuniclus or Musharna pros and cons please.


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Reuniclus ![Reuniclus][1]

- Great HP stat
- Decent Defenses
- High Special Attack
- Reliable recovery
- Magic Guard

- Terrible Speed
- Susceptible to powerful attacks

Musharna ![Musharna][2]

- Great HP stat
- Good Defenses
- Good Special Attack

- Low Speed
- Lack of reliable recovery
- Shallow movepool

Conclusion: Reuniclus.

Reuniclus is better then Musharna, plain and simple. The main reason is because of how useful Magic Guard is, and Reuniclus' access to Recover.
[1]: http://media.pldh.net/pokexycons/579.png
[2]: http://media.pldh.net/pokexycons/518.png

You forget Musharna's access to Moon Light, my friend.
I consider Moonlight semi-reliable recovery, because of its low PP and its unreliability with weather conditions. Weather conditions are less of a problem if playing tiers, but the low PP is still annoying.
Either way, Reuniclus is still a better option than Musharna.
Ah yes, that is fair enough. Recover > Moonlight.
They somewhat do different jobs competitively (Reni's a special tank that destroys stall nd HO while Mush is a stall tank instead), and for ingame Mush's high HP and access to sleep moves make it valuable. Plus it's easier to catch and raise iirc.
Reuniclus also has pain split
Not to mention the movesets for reuniclus. I came up with one i call. the deadly fetus. Moves; Hyper beam: Rock tomb: Recover: Psycic. Ability: magic guard. Item: Leppa berry. EVS: Train in defence and special defence. spend the rest on hp.
Both can be used as Trick Room setters, but Reuniclus edges in in terms of being able to switch in and activate Trick Room multiple times without being worn down by entry hazards thanks to Magic Guard. Regenerator is also an equally viable ability to use for multiple switch ins.