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I was battling a Musharna that never seemed to use an attack on my Purrloin. However, the trainer kept beating all my other pokemon up. WHY WONT HE ATTACK MY PURRLOIN? (I'm battling the guy right now with a Lvl 8 Purrloin against a Lvl 63 Musharna) EDIT 1: I just quit but I would love an answer on why Musharna can't use its attacks on my Purrloin because it was strengthening itself and when I switched out BOOM! Psybeam. So i know it has some PP to it but it's annoying.

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the musharnaa only knows psybeam.  personal experience from accidental battle w/ lv23 scraggy vs lv63 musharna.

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Because the Ingame mushranas are deceive so don't have many offensive
Moves mainly just psybeem
Which brings me to the answer its a well known fact that psychic doesn't effect purloin seen as its a dark type it's like normal and ghost
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i so  agree  with ya  all the way