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I got a shiny Munna recently, and I'm coming up with a moveset. Would Hidden Power, which its type is Steel according to the Hidden Power reader person, be good on Musharna?


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No. Steel covers exactly zero of its weaknesses, so it wouldn't work well on Musharna.

Due to the coverage options it gets being every type but Fairy and Normal, most people use HP to cover weaknesses. In Musharna's case, a Dark (for Ghost/Dark) type HP would probably work best, or Fire (for Bug). HP is also used to cover common threats, so an Electric, Fighting, Grass or Ice HP will probably work as well.

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Ah, alright! Thanks! I might try getting a shiny Munna with one of those HP types.
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A steel type attack on a musharna I honestly think that it will only be useful against ice types.
Steel also beats rock and you can teach musharna energy ball so have hidden power to fight against ice types and have an open slot to take the place of energy ball