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Guys I have a male and female dratini both with marvel scale ability.Iam trying to get a dratini with marvel scale with the perfect IVs .Now what is the chance that the child will have the hidden ability marvel scale.Thing is I heard someone say that a female has a 60% chance of passing down a hidden ability while a male has 40%.But when ia m breeding I sometimes get 4 out of 5 child dratini with normal shed skin ability.what is this all about?how the hell can that happen.According to me one way is that the male parent should not have any role in passing down abilities(except while breeding with a ditto).So what is the real deal?Is it that the male parent has no role in passing down any kind of ability or am I just so unlucky that I get 4 out of 5 child dratini with the normal ability.Please need help.


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The female has an 80% chance to pass it down, while the male has 20%.

100 .8 = 80 (Female)
100 - 80 = 20
.2 = 4 (Male)

80 + 4 = 84%

Or, you can have done it with the male first:

100 .2 = 20 (Male)
100 - 20 = 80
.8 = 64 (Female)
20 + 64 = 84%

Either way, it's a solid 84% chance. The reason why you're getting about 4/5 non Hidden Ability Dratini is bad luck. If something says 1/4 chance, it doesn't necessarily mean out of 4 tries, I'll get 1. It simply means for that instant, there is a 25% chance of getting what I need.