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i have a clawitzer with the following moves:
- Dragon pulse
- Aura sphere
- water pulse
- dark pulse

because of clawitzer's ability 'mega Launcher, adding 50% attack to sphere and pulse moves, bringing water pulse to 90 attack without STAB damage. what other move would you replace water pulse with if it's not good to keep for clawitzers moveset?

also, what is the total damage to water pulse WITH STAB damage attached to the 90 attack?

just remember, it's only for ingame, not competitive battling.

Thanks in advance


2 Answers

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If it's ingame, then definitely keep it, because water pulse has effectively the same power as surf, and it has more PP so you can fight more battles without having to heal or use medicine.

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Use Surf instead

About the same BP once everything is factored in, 135 BP. Clawitzer can also act as your surfer ingame and saves time from going and switching out to a surfer instead. Also, for Victory Road, Surf comes in very handy as a team member won't have to be replaced for a surfer.

Hope this helps!