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In the first episode:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZppQ_chy9pk.......(time 19:36) ..Ash sees a Ho-oh and that first Ho-oh is shiny and the second Ho-oh in this episode :: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LKHrF6-qEo ...(time 15:47) is normal...... I am saying that there are two Ho-oh's in the anime one shiny and one normal ...... how can there be two Ho-ohs in the anime?! and is it just me or it is real?

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There's been 2 Lugias in the anime before and a lot more of certain legendary Pokemon so I would assume there could be two Ho-Ohs
It's definitely possible that there are two Ho-oh's, but it could just be one Ho-oh that was coloured oddly in the first episode instead of a Shiny because the Anime does that quite a bit. There have also been more than one of each Legendary in the anime before (Lugia (like Silver said), and there were two different Mewtwos too.)

I'm not actually sure if it is two of them, but it's a possibility :P
Not necessarily a Shiny, but rather it's just a Golden Ho-oh
Ho-Oh is a rainbow Pokemon after all. I wouldn't be surprised if it could shimmer or look golden if it wanted to.
One Ho-Oh could be fake, maybe transformation of Mew. In the latest anime, there is a moment where Mew transform itself into Lugia. And in the movie Lucario and a mystery of Mew, Mew transformed indeed into Ho-Oh.

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Having more than one Legendaries in the anime is definitely a thing. This can be seen in numerical occasions, with some trainers catching legendaries, like Tobias who beat ash in the sinnoh league having both a Darkrai and Latios. Yet Darkrai was seen on two different occasions, once when he causing Nightmares in a town and another in the Movie The Rise Of Darkrai. Another instance of legendary Pokemon is when Ash and the gang were helping a Pokemon Ranger protect a special Heatran that knew Eruption in the episode Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! with Eruption being a move that normal heatran don't normally learn.

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Latios and Latias are many in number even though they are legendary the same goes for darkrai,,lugia,,articuno,,moltrus,,zapdos,,etc.............  and Ho-oh is only one like Arceus ............will you say that THERE ARE MORE ARCEUS and the same goes for Ho-oh,, i think so and your second statement did'nt make sense to me pal
Where does it say there is only one Ho-Oh…
Okay Ho-oh has not been noted in the anime to be a species in number. As for the different colorization of Ho-oh in the anime it was because when Ho-oh was first shown at the end of the first episode it, like a lot of generation two Pokemon, were still in development and the concept was not final.  So it is possible that there is only one Ho-oh but its also possible that there is more than one, and given that we've seen multiple examples of different legendaries of the same species I would have to say that the second is more of a possibility. What didnt make sense with my "second statement", be more specific and I'll try to explain it to you
i think you are right i would give the BA to you... sorry i did'nt think much and just commented after a while it made sense to me .

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