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One of my friends(in game) had 16 different shinies. I restart my game 7 times after finishing it and got no shinies.Except for the Arceus someone on the site gave me and a Emolga some random passerby gave me...but no wild ones. I also played for 2 months after beating the game.
I have had my current game for 6 months.

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Its just luck. There's a 1/4096 you find one anyway. Also if you get the shiny charm, you get a boosted chance of finding shinies. Also try looking in hordes, your chance is boosted to 5/4096 without the shiny charm

You get your first wild shiny soon, trust me :)

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Wow I got a shiny Linoone yesterday:O
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Like Sigma Dragoon said its luck there are ways of increasing chances of getting shinies like the musuda method. all you have to do is get two Pokemon from the same egg group and different regions and put them in the daycare and hatch eggs.
example: a Japanese Ditto (Does not have to be Ditto) and a German Chikorita. I used this and got a shiny chikorita on my 29th egg :) here is a link for shiny methods :)


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Terrible, TERRIBLE luck my friend. There are nice workarounds to the standard 1/4096 rate of Shiny Encounters and if you use said workarounds, your luck might not be as bad as it used to be.

Masuda Method, Friend Safari, Radar Chaining, etc. will get you places. The easiest seems to be the Friend Safari exclusive to X & Y, so look for some new friends in the chat room if you need more friends to branch out into different types you can get within a limited number of Pokemon within the types and no Legendaries. Oh, and the Friend Safari has a 1/512 chance to find wild Shinies WITHOUT the Shiny Charm, so there's a huge plus!

Good luck, friend!