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Domino is a TR ''Elite''. Do we know of any other elite?

Whaa… what's a Domino?

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In the cartoon we have different levels of Rocket Agents.
The Elites are two as of now:
Domino, which is the Rocket agent you are talking about.
enter image description here
Iron-Masked Marauder, the other Rocket Elite in the Anime.
enter image description here
We then have:
high ranking officers, such as Tyson, Hun and Attila.
honorable field agents as Butch, Cassidy, Miyamoto (Jessie's mother) and of course the old duo Jessie and James.

There are of course other members inside the Rocket organization, like scientists and unnamed lackies.

In the manga,however, Team Rocket can use the help of corrupted gym leaders (which would no doubt rank as high as Elites, if not higher), so I won't include them, but I'll give the link anyway, in case you are interested.

Hope this helped dude!

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