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Are they good for anything? As far as I know, there isn't much to exploit from them, and they're severely outclassed by a lot of cards. They aren't even good in a Haymaker Archetype!

Is there any good way to use them? Is there any hope for these cards?

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I'm pretty sure almost all the old cards are bad because of power creeps.
No, a lot of old cards are amazingly powerful at times, or as long as they're used correctly (and delta species can throw people off). They're required for most Donk Archetypes (which are usually banned for irrelevancy and or being too OP, but some have been allowed), and Fossil Ditto is still OP most of the time. :P
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Boi I'm deeper than u think. Tbh, I'm just trying to find the people in pokebase who likes it :P
Good strategy right? ask a LOT of questions about it, only people who care will answer.
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Will it ever be relevant in this life time probably not you will not be watching the tcg championship and suddenly see someone pull out a Sneasel Ex and sweep for a good 6-7 cards it's wishful thinking. It's way to low in health and it's not like you can EV train your cards lol.but it is definitely useful. For starters great resistance very low retreat cost for Ex (although I could see why). Drag off really gives you fundamental control over the battle . Plus moderately low energy cost on both Sneasels. But this thing has MAJOR cons doesn't matter if you can control who you fight with drag off if a lot of reliable Pokemon can one shot you with 2 energy a few with one (but the one energy Pokemon usually Also entail a coin toss).now if this were a regular card it would be one of my first suggestions for a battle. But it's not and Ex's need to be reliable because you only get 3 and it's just not cutting it and now for sneasel #2 (Before I begin I would like to address your haymaker solution theoretically yes but it's an Ex and that throws it's potential out the window not a Good idea) And for Sneasel number two absolutely not I have seen poliwhirls who pack more punch even if it weren't Ex it would trash at best both of its moves are very low in power and are fueled by pure luck and its main move requires a lot of of set up to do any real damage its health is terrible other than the resistance there is nothing good about this Pokemon accept for maybe it's retreat cost I mean if it were weavile I could say it looks kick %*# but it's not go with choice one if anything.

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I can see it being good for what, early game? I mean, if you wan't to ditch it mid game, bench it and use Ninja Boy? I guess it has that. Thanks, but it is about time I sleep. :P
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