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I recently picked up a Sneasel in my X Nuzlocke, and considered replacing one of my fallen team members with it. The trouble is, it can't evolve until post game. I'm about to fight Anistar City's Gym. Is it worth carrying it with me?

Sneasel is generally super frail in defenses and has a lot of weaknesses. But if you have an empty team slot or something in your team that doesn't match up well against psychic types, you might want to put Sneasel on there specifically for the Gym Leader. Though only with a good dark type move.
Also, the gym leader's Slowking has Power Gem
I actually have three empty slots, currently occupied by a Vibrava (which I hope will eventually become Flygon), Sneasel, and a Gourgeist. I was going to use Gourgeist or my Dedenne for Slowking, and Sneasel for the rest.
Well if you evolve sneasel into weaville he can help in this gym, with Drasna and with Diantha Gourgeist or you can just use sneasel has sacrifice
Sneasel can't evolve until post game.
well in that case if you really need to use sneael you use it or just use to not lose other pokemon`s

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Alright so I just beat Olympia. That means I no longer need an answer to this question. So I'm answering it myself.

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A weavile will be good since it is good against the dragons elite whoops spoilers.

I can't get Weavile until post game.