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Okay so I know about the Connection Orb but is that really the only possible way? Did they really get rid of recruiting through like the normal means? That makes me really sad :(


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>Recruiting Pokémon is very different in this game to the predecessors. Rather than there being a slim chance of them wanting to join you after you have defeated them, this time the recruiting is tied in with Connection Orbs. If you have connected with the Pokémon, then you can use it in dungeons away from the main story. This is available after Ampharos gives you your first Connection Orb.

Yes, the Connection Orb missions have replaced the old ways of recruiting. Also, you can only recruit one of each species/evolution line (RIP team of four Sableye).

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No way! D: I was at least expecting recruiting to come back once I joined the Expedition team and stuff. Does that also mean they got rid of Evolution? Cuz if you can only recruit one then that means if another pokemon evolves then you might end up with two.

Oh gosh that sucks!
No you can evolve in the postgame. Some Pokémon aren't recruitabke and you need to evolve their pre-evos.