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I've tried to beat Yveltal in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, but I couldn't, so I restarted the game and hoped that this time I could become stronger. I am almost to the spot where I have to try to beat her again and I don't want to mess up because I really don't want to start the game again. Are there any special preparations I should make before facing her? What items should I put in my bag (I can carry up to 40 items in my bag)? Are there any good strategies I should try?

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well, when I did that it was hard for me as well. I tried to take out the beeheeyem and "Mr." Nuzleaf first, which went pretty well. After that, I used alliances and blast seeds to snag a victory. So, try taking out everyone else, and then using alliances and blast seeds. (alliances will only work with the right two starters, though)

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Thanks! I'll let you know when I beat her!
I did beat her! Thanks for all of your help! :)
Oh, and if you're wondering why I consider Yveltal to be a girl, go to my profile. You'll see the answer under the about me section.
AWESOME!!! have you gotten to the final boss yet?
Yes, yep, beat, done with that final boss! dark matter...!
what were your starters?