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I really want to replay my copy of White 2, but I have the Meloetta skin on my C-gear which I absolutely adore and dont want to lose. Is there any way I can preserve it now that DS internet compatibilty is dead? Like maybe trade it to my copy of Black 2? Black 2 is where all my Gen V Pokes are if you're wondering why I don't just restart that version. 100+ trades would be a very long and preferably avoidable solution.

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Why would you have to trade 100+ Pokemon?

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To my knowledge, no, there is not a way to preserve your C-Gear skin after restarting your game, as Global Link for Gen V was closed and that's how you got the C-Gear skins.

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Darn :( Thanks for the answer though. And I'd have to do the trades or else all my Pokemon that I use for the PWT/Battle Subway would all be deleted from my Black 2. Guess I'll have to send them all to my White 2 with the Meloetta  C-gear skin.