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Even with the low Speed, SpD, and horrible typing, Avalugg has access to ridiculous Defense and Attack, combined with a preety damn high total stat. Can't see why it's sitting on PU of all the things.

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Simply putting it, it's typing. Ice is one, if not the worst defensive typing. It's true Avalugg have many qualities that would make it an excellent physical wall, such as reliable recovery and great HP and Def. But that is sadly all wasted since Ice resist so few types. That's really all there is to it, Avaluggs typing is the one thing making it overlooked.

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Like Flafpert said. The typing. Its typing is very bad defensively. It has only one resistance. Also, despite the massive 184 defense, its special defense is abmysal. Special attackers such as hydreigon, magnezone, even a mixed metagross, can absolutely ravage this thing. Plus, its speed is extremely slow, so the chance that it can actually outspeed something is nest to impossible. Plus the special attack. Like Black kyurem, this guy does not get many physical ice attacks due to most ice type attacks being special. But unlike black kyurem, Avalugg has horrible special attack.

Those are the main reasons for this guys bad tier. See http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/avalugg/ for more details.

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It could be in RU tho... And Avalugg has an excelent Physical Ice type attack in the form of Avalanche.