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So, I've been using Pokemon Showdown a bit as of late, and I made a team for Gen 6 UU of "I just think they're neat" mons. But, I can't seem to be able to actually participate in Gen 6 UU battles. The only UU format available is for Gen 8, and some of my mons aren't in Gen 8 at all (Ampharos). Is this a problem that anyone else has had? Does anyone know how I might solve it?

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Are all your mons in UU??
Yes, all of my mons are in UU. It was validated by the checker thing. (Its Sceptile, Gardevoir, Golurk, Ampharos, Lucario, and Absol in case you were wondering)

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Playable formats

Sadly, showdown does not keep all formats open, such as gen 6 uu. I have had similar problems with other things, such as gen 7 ru. They sometimes have featured older formats, but they switch around. Unfortunately, unless you have a friend that also plays gen 6 uu, you can't play it. If you do, you can search there names and do a direct challenge, which has all formats.

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This isn't a "problem" necessarily. The only past-gen formats that have ladders are Random Battles, OU, and formats that the Past-gens room(Called ruins of Alph) spotlight(and Gen7 Ubers AG and 1v1). So you can not do ladder battles for Gen6 UU unless Ruins of Alph decide to spotlight it. However, you can challenge specific users and play them that way. The best way to find people would be to go to the ruins of alpha room and ask people in the chat for a battle.
Hope I helped! :)