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Raticate used Hyper Beam then it used Hyper Fang right after. This is in Gen 1 Random Battle on Pokémon Showdown!.

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the page of Hyper Beam says: In Generation 1, if Hyper Beam KOs a Pokémon, it does not need to recharge.

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Hyper Beam will not require a recharge turn if it misses, it breaks a substitute, it knocks out the target, the user is targeted by a binding move (even if it misses), the user flinches, or the user is put to sleep after the attack but before the recharge turn. However, freeze does not prevent the need for the recharge turn of Hyper Beam. If the user is confused, the recharge turn of Hyper Beam will not count towards the number of turns the user will remain confused.

If Hyper Beam knocks out the opponent, then no recharge is needed. However, this was only feature in Gen 1.


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