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so, I got the new Pokemon mystery dungeon game on the 4th knowing about the event theme, but I can't figure out how to get the theme now. it said on the download that there should be some sort of code that gets the theme but I can't find it

The code comes in a little booklet.
I downloaded it on the eshop, there was no booklet
Then I have no clue since I got mine in-store. Maybe it auto downloaded so try in theme shop
I looked at all the new Pokemon themes, didn't seem like any of them came from the event... But at least I found the download code section

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The code is on your eshop reciept. If you don't know how to view that...

Go to the Nintendo eShop app.
Click Menu
Scroll down and select Settings/Other
Scroll down and select Account Activity
You'll see the game somewhere here. Click on View Reciept, and the code will be somewhere in there.