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My Blaziken's current moveset is
- Low Kick
- Peck
- Heat Wave (my only ranged move)
- Slash/Quick Attack

On one hand, Slash is more powerful, and hasn't been leveled up as much (more potential for further power/PP increase), has higher PP (25) and also has high crit-rate

On the other, Quick Attack has better range, so I don't have to waste Heat Wave in corridors, but it's been leveled up quite a bit (it currently has 17PP and approximately 2/3 the power of Slash)

I would say slash as Blaziken's speed stat is already high enough and if you get it with speed boost it kills fast enough without priority
movement speed =/= speed stat in mystery dungeon though, my stats aren't high enough to KO stuff in one hit anyway

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I suggest quick attack as it gives you priority to fast flying or or other types of Pokemon.For example, Talonflame, hawlucha and megas like aerodactyl. Plus you might need a grass or electric type move to fend off counters.