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I wanted to catch Zapdos but accidental knocked it out in the Sea Den so I cleared the Elite Four but Zapdos didn't come back. It's about the 3rd time I run through the Elite Four but Zapdos isn't coming back.

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I check the PokeDex and it says location Unknown

Maybe they started roaming again?
I thought that would be it but when that happens you can see in which location hes roaming around. In the pokedex it just says Unknown.
I did the same thing

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Zapdos like most legendary Pokemon that roam or legends in general once knocked out do not come back. I remember when I knocked out my Articuno I had to go back to my last save. Since you have already beat the elite four you have auto saved so your Zapdos is unfortunately lost. This is why your pokedex says location unknown as Zapdos is no longer roaming your world. I would suggest if you don't want to reset your game to go on the gts and trade one.