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Guys I have a 4IV metagross and I want a 5IV beldum.please let me know the easiest way because breeding with a ditto is becoming almost impossible for me .I cannot get a 5IV beldum.please let me know any easier methods available.I have a 3IV ditto and a 4IV metagross.please help!

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Can you specify the IV's?
Yeah man sure.ditto has MAX IVs in HP,Special defense and speed.metagross has max IVs in attack ,defense,special defense and speed.I am looking for a physically offensive metagross(beldum) with max IVs in HP,attack,defense,Special defense and speed.

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Remember to attach the destiny knot to one of the parents, apart from that just keep trying. You have all 5 stats covered. I know how long it can take, but just keep at it: it took me a week with the same (4+3 max IV's) to get a 5 IV Tyrogue

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