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I was thinking about teaching my Hitmonlee Mega kick, Hi jump kick, Blaze kick and a rock type move. Which of these three should I teach him? Rock tomb, Stone edge, or Rock slide?

It depends. Rock tomb is generally not viable. Stone edge has good power, but rock slide has a lot of PP. By the way, mega kick is useless on Hitmonlee.
Is this in-game or competitive? Sometimes Rock Tomb can be useful for lowering the opponent's speed so another Pokémon can bring it down, but Stone Edge can be a nuke and Rock Slide is more general-purpose. Competitively probably either Rock Slide or Stone Edge.
but mega kick doesn't get STAB, serve a purpose, or cover any weaknesses. How is it useful?
Even if you wanted a normal attack, return is much better in almost every way. You should know that flavor text makes no difference. If you don't, you'd better learn fast.

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From what I gather you're giving your Hitmonlee Wide Lens, so I think that Stone Edge is the best pick to capitalize on its damage output. Also, as sumwun said Mega Kick isn't amazing. Try out different moves like Mach Punch, Knock Off or Earthquake.

Ok thx. And 2 things. 1, mega kick is a great move as long as you use it right in competitive play, and 2, I honestly think that mach punch would be better for a choice band hitmonchan, and earthquake would be better for a hitmontop. Also, I dont think I would ever teach something like knock off to a hitmon.
How is mega kick even good on a fighting type?!
Wow. Did you REALLY just say that?
Fighting/Fire/Rock/Normal hits 475 Pokémon super effectively.
Fighting/Fire/Rock/Ground hits 557 Pokémon super effectively.
Fighting/Fire/Rock/Dark hits 550 Pokémon super effectively.

Both Knock Off and Earthquake are statistically better than Mega Kick.
True. But what you guys dont seem to understand is that competitivity isnt just about which moves are super effective on how many pokemom. Besides, mega kick is more powerful than those 2 moves anyway
But at what point does coverage, accuracy and utility overshadow raw power? Competitive is also about strategy.
Hold up. Since when was this about any of those 3 things? Also you said it wrong. You should've said how does raw power overshadow coverage accuracy and utillity
If you really want a hard-hitting move, use return. It's better than mega kick in almost every way.