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Because I used a power weight( or whatever it is that promotes speed on leveling). but when I trained him up another level, it only went up by like 3 - what the heck? I battled like 15 pokemon! He's at level 45. Can somebody explain how the evs work?

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These EVs will be invested into your Hitmonlee's Speed. 4 EVs = 1 extra stat point. If you max Speed EVs, you will have 63 extra stat points in Speed, by the time that Hitmonlee hits Lv.100.

There is no way to tell when/where these "higher" boosts will happen, but you will be guaranteed 63 extra stat points by Lv.100.

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Exactly! It won't all come to you at once, but a little at a time.

However, if you catch a higher-leveled pokemon and start EV training it, you'll see a higher arc in stat boosts, but only because of less levels to space out between.
Awesome, sounds good!