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In HG/SS ,which Pokemon should I use for my team, pidgeot or crobat?
I do not care about physical or Special, I just need to know the following:

Will a level 14 freshly caught zubat with soothe bell evolve to crobat before pidgey evolves to pidgeot? (Haircuts and fainting not included)

Will a flying/poison type be more useful than a normal/flying type?

Which of them has better stats and more diverse movepool?

Thanks for answering :D


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Crobat is very useful in-game, possibly more so than Pidgeot. However, the only way to evolve from Golbat to Crobat is through levelling with max happiness (haircuts, vitamins, EV berries, etc) whereas Pidgeot is a standard level-based evolution. It will take more effort, unless you can make do with Golbat.

Since you're playing HG, I'd also recommend Crobat as it can (along with pre-evs) learn both Mean Look and Taunt, which can be useful when going after the roaming legendaries. Both can learn Fly at first evolutionary form. Crobat's typing suffers an additional Psychic-type weakness but gains extra resistance to Grass and Fighting-type moves, and its movepool is better.