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I have created a team that when I level it should beat the elite four but my problem is that the flying member is a pidgeotto with extremely weak stats. I already have ho-oh but it is only good to an extent up to bruno which is one of my big problems (alongside lance who kicked my butt even when I had my first copy) so can someone please tell me a good flying type to use against the elite four.

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I believe that the best flying types are dragonite and salamance.
the only ones that you could evolve outside of the national region without the national dex was lickitung to lickilicky, piloswine to mamoswine, and yanma into yanmega; i think this is mainly down to the fact that the prior 3 were present in the original gold and silver games, being as they were from either kanto or johto. its also why if you ever buy the hg/ss walkthrough they appear in the regional pokedex.

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Crobat. It has good sweeping stats and can pretty much outspeed anything in-game. It also has access to great coverage moves such as Wing Attack, Bite, Cross Poison, ans X-Scissor, and lots of moves for BP. Here is a good moveset for ingame.

Crobat @ Leftovers
Trait: Inner Focus
Adamant Nature (Not that important ingame.)
- Fly
- Roost
- Cross Poison/Poison Fang
- X-Scissor/U-Turn

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I've used Crobat as my main flying type on 13 files over 4 games. It's just that good.
Thanks! Yours is great too! And so is Kijani's. I really like that set btw
I like the set, but really prefer + Speed - Special Attack
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  • Crobat
  • Xatu
  • Gliscor

The three are the top three flying Pokemon obtainable in HeartGold (In my opinion of course, some might argue that Delibird is quite good)


Movesets: For Crobat you can use the sets I posted here
Locations obtainable(As its pre-evo Golbat):

  • Mt.Mortar
  • Whirl Islands
  • Victory Road
  • Safari Zone

The biggest problem with catching Golbat, and almost any Pokemon, at such a late stage in the game, is that it can be quite difficult to level them up for battling standards. So my suggestion would be to avoid as many trainers as possible before Victory Road, catch your Golbat, then go back and battle said trainers.

Evolution: Happiness
At such a late level it can be quite difficult to level him up enough to like you. For that reason I would suggest catching a low level Zubat, then going and battling higher leveled wild Pokemon, he'll like you more and it won't be too much extra time.


Now generally for in-game you'd like an offensive moveset. This tends to be the way of the game so i'll post some offensive sets here.

Xatu @ Leftovers/Life Orb
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Modest Nature
- Psychic (Level-up)
- Shadow Ball (TM)
- Giga Drain (TM)
- Roost (TM)

Mostly TM moves, so I hope that's not a problem.

Xatu @ (Whatever really)
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 SATk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Modest Nature
- Heat Wave (Move Tutor)
- Psychic (Level-up)
- Signal Beam (Move Tutor)
- Shadow Ball (TM)

In-game movesets tend to have whatever item and no EVs so you can disregard those if you wish. Otherwise these two sets are what I would go for in-game. You could also just throw Fly in there instead of any of those moves.

Locations: Rout 28, Ruins of Alph, Mt.Silver (all as Natu)

Evolution: Level 25


Movesets: In-game you'll want to run a physical moveset, here's my suggestion,

Gliscor @ (Again in-game doesn't really matter)
Trait: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake (TM)
- Night Slash (Level-up)
- Swords Dance (Level-up)
- Steel Wing/Stone Edge (Both TMs)

Physical in-game sweeper. Stone Edge > Steel Wing unless you have another poke you want to learn Stone Edge.

Locations Obtainable: Route 45 (As Gligar)

Evolution: Level up at nighttime holding Razor Fang

Razor Fang can be obtained at the Battle Frontier.
Which is after the main game so I kinda wished i'd checked that first xP

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Why there are quite a few.

Skarmory: Skarmory is good at one thing: defense. With titanic defense and a steel typing allow it to withstand the assault of Lance's powerful dragons, and it can even survive a supereffective hit thanks to its ability sturdy. It also makes a surprisingly decent HM slave, learning cut, fly, rock smash and flash, and has decent attack

Mantine: Mantine is essentially a special skarmory. Massive special defense, ok special attack, and the ability to be your water HM slave if need be.

Gyarados: Gyarados is a physical monster. With a set up move in dragon dance, a powerful stab waterfall or aqua tail, and decent coverage in ice fang and the Tm earthquake it can pummel opponents. However it lacks a reliable flying stab move.

Dragonite: though it will take a lot of work to evolve it, dragonite is a beast. Base 134 atk and 100 sp atk and a massive movepool allow to be an offensive menace. It's bulk isn't bad either. Dragon dance and extreme speed can resolve the speed issue.

Togekiss: Togekiss can be a great special attacker, getting great coverage between its stab air slash and the perfectly accurate aura sphere. It's serene grace ability makes air slash more likely to flinch the opponent, which is handy.

Scyther: Scyther's naturally high speed and attack make it a decent physical presence, and decent stab moves in x scissor and wing attack, the latter is boosted by its technician ability.

Oh wait forgot farfetch'd
Farfetch'd is terrible, and Scyther with Technician is better off using Bug Bite. Skarm is also exclusive to SS.
The farfetch'd thing was a joke. As for Scyther x scissor is a level up move, as opposed to the tutor move bug bite, and I just assumed everyone was lazy like me and didn't want to go through all that effort for ten more power, but you're right. As for the Skarmory entry I thought this was both hg/SS, so I included both, though I probably should have mentioned the exclusiveness. My bad.
You forgot Delibird too.
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