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Which Pokemon with which moveset can get supereffective damage on the most Pokemon? Keep in mind that Freeze-Dry hits water types for supereffective damage. Smeargle counts, even though it does really poor damage. The best combo I've found so far is Aurorus with Freeze-Dry, Rock Slide, Rock Smash, and Earth Power, which hits at least 600 Pokemon supereffectively (coverage searcher can't factor in Freeze Dry). Metronome, Transform, and Copycat don't count. Eelektross doesn't count either.

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the pokemons which i can think of is;
pokemon with the move metronome
Transform and Metronome doesn't count because they are random. And what moveset would you use to get supereffective damage on all Pokemon?

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Though Smeargle is kind of bad, he is capable of the best super-effective coverage possible.

With the moves Freeze-Dry, Flying Press, Earthquake, and Shadow Ball, Smeargle hits all but 78 Pokemon super-effectively. This is the best I have found so far.

It would be increased slightly if Smeargle could copy Thousand Arrows instead of Earthquake, but that is currently impossible, and anyway, it would only help against three or four Pokemon.

I don't think one Pokemon can hit all Pokemon for super-effective damage. Maybe with a few more moves like freeze dry and flying press, this novelty Smeargle can some day achieve this goal.

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That would be around 650, which is similar to what Aurorus can hit. But thanks anyway.