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I tried looking it up but I couldn't find very detailed information.


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This is all I could salvage from the official Pokemon site (visit if you want):

  • Monthly mythical Pokemon distribution, starting February 2016 (dates to be announced)
  • New Nintendo 3DS bundle to be released, which includes the original classics, Pokemon Red and Blue
  • Release of a special new expansion for Pokemon TCG: Generations
  • Release of Mythical Pokemon collections, featuring a different promo card each month for Pokemon TCG
  • Release of digitally remastered Pokemon movies (Movies 1, 2 and 3 confirmed so far)
  • Pokemon Trainer Red: Champion Version Nendoroid figure available exclusively on Pokemoncentre.com
  • Other promotional products like Pokemon hats, playing cards, mugs etc. on Pokemoncentre.com
  • New games arriving: Pokemon GO, Pokken Tournament
  • The official Pokemon company is collecting all your favourite Pokemon moments ever via Instagram, Twitter and Youtube with #Pokemon20 tag. Apparently the favourite #Pokemon20 submissions get you something... "special".

That's what we know so far, I have a feeling they haven't dealt all their cards though, so the list is still in the works for me.

Hope I helped!

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What are digitally remastered Pokemon movies?
Pokemon movies that are digitally remastered
Sorry I meant I didn't know what that was but I looked it up so I'm fine now. But where can I watch the digitally remastered movies?
So far they haven't revealed where, but I'm guessing it's coming out in disc format. Welp, it would be posted online soon after release though, so you can watch them on sites.
Cool thx.