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Is this unholy spawn of Sherlock and Pikachu Nintendo's way of celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary? Or is it just a regular spinoff game like Shuffle or Picross?

They even had the nerve to remix the Sherlock Holmes theme from the Robert Downey Jr. movies -__-
pretty sure it isn't, or at least, it's just a fragment of the huge celebration. i think pokemon go is the main birthday celebratory thingie
It's probably only a fraction of the celebration. We've got this, Pokémon Go, RBY for the 3DS, Pokken, and the Super Bowl advert.
  And excuse you, Sherlock-Pika is adorable.
Preeetty sure Sun and Moon are is the big thing O3O
Sun and Moon are
Well sun & moon are coming out this year hopefully, but Idk if it's a worldwide release or if it's too far from the dedicated period.
definitely worldwide. you can choose the language at the beginning of the game y'know.

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Points which prove it's not the BIG Anniversary release:

  • If it was that big, it would be revealed in the US at the same time as in Japan
  • It's a fraction of what's to come like the TCG collection boxes.
  • We also have VC Red and Blue, some people claim that is the big release but I don't find it that big.
  • The big anniversary release would probably be a main game or some thing which will bring back old fans.
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