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For any that don't know, the battle spot special for season 14 of battle spot is VGC 16. I used the EXACT same team I used on showdown, yet it won't let me participate! The Pokemon also all have the blue pentagon, so I'm confused.

How many Restricted Legendaries do you have?
two obviously. It obeys all the rules of VGC 16
What is your team?
^ provide all moves and items as well. Also, have all your Pokemon been legally acquired?
You haven't provided anywhere near enough information. Include your team, movesets, held items, original trainers, if not yourself, and how you received them.

Then include all the steps taken to register.
Also, apologize for your rudeness. What is obvious to you may not be to others. Be grateful Doctor Disco for trying to help.

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Your Pokemon are ineligable or you aren't using a legal team. Maybe your moves are illegitimate or you made a mistake. I can give a better answer if you provide more info. Aside from that, maybe you didn't register properly?