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So I bred a Raichu and now it has Volt Tackle, Nuzzle, Fake Out. But I cant decide between Encore or Feint.
What do you think is better for the Rating Battle Spot Doubles/VGC?

encore, because the foe might not use protect or detect.

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Like the others said, Encore is superior, but I'm going to explain why. There are a lot or status or setup moves in VGC '16, and Encore is a terrific way of stopping Trick Room teams, Kangaskhan + Xerneas, Smeargle, Thundurus, and a host of other moves. Encore is so useful that it moves past the point of being a "troll" move and instead becomes a powerful disruptive tool. Here are some of the moves and strategies it can cripple:

  • Xerneas' Geomancy. Lock it into this and you're free to take it out with Ferrothorn or Mawile.
  • Fake Out users. Kangaskhan, Smeargle, Liepard, etc. do not like being locked into a useless move.
  • Trick Room setters like Cresselia, Dialga and Palkia. Especially effective if they can't switch out, forcing them to instantly revert their Trick Room.
  • Moonlight Cresselia on Groudon Sun teams, other recovery moves like Roost and Recover.
  • Anything that has just used Protect.
  • Any status move, like Tailwind or Rage Powder.
  • Gravity teams.
  • Quick Guard, Wide Guard.
  • The odd setup move like Swords Dance or Calm Mind (although only the latter is really seen).
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Encore, it's a fun troll move. It forces the target to use the previously selected move for 3 turns.
Feint deals damage tho.